the power to manage our constant upset emotions

It’s one thing to be upset about something.

That is a natural reaction that nearly all human beings encounter.

However, living in a near constant state of upsetedness is not healthy. This is something that I have experienced myself & it can be crippling. With the help of medical cannabis, I am becoming less upset. Not having medical cannabis now would mean going back to a cycle that just didn’t do the job. The cycle I am referring to is all the prescription drugs. I have seen a lot of different specialists to help myself and others with my state of upset. Some have looked at myself and others with the side eye thinking I was trying to score. Others have been quite thoughtful & legitimately wanted to help me. However, most of the dentists just write another prescription for the most recently approved antidepressant & move on. Medical cannabis & our access to the cannabis dispensary finally put a kink in that cycle. And there is no way I’m going back to a drawer full of meds, I can assure you. Thankfully, where I live there is access to medical marijuana. Once I began using medical marijuana, continued access to the medical cannabis dispensary was something I sought. I got through the medical marijuana regulations & was then legal to go to the legal weed store. That’s where I found the help I so desperately needed. I was welcomed by medical cannabis professionals who helped myself and others to find the particular cannabis products that showed the most promise for my problems. It was a breakthrough in our life that I had been craving. However, I don’t lament the time I was not treated, I just give thanks that cannabis flower products have given myself and others the power to manage our constant upset emotions.

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