the strength and ability to manage our anxiety

It’s 1 thing to be worried about an event or problem.

  • That is a natural reaction that nearly all human beings understand.

However, living in a near constant state of anxiety is a totally different issue. This is something that I have experienced myself plus it can be crippling. With the help of medical cannabis, I am finding our way back to a better state. Not having medical cannabis now would mean going back to a cycle that just wasn’t effective. The cycle I am referring to is the one made up of prescription drugs. I have seen a lot of doctors to help myself and others with our anxiety. Some have been suspicious, thinking I was trying to score. Others have been quite understanding plus really wanted to help me. However, most of the doctors just choose to give another prescription for the latest antidepressant plus transfer on. Medical cannabis plus our access to the cannabis dispensary finally stopped that cycle. And there is no way I’m going back to that old way, I can assure you. Thankfully, where I live there is access to medical marijuana. Once I l talked to my doctor about medical marijuana, that access was something I knew I needed. I got through the medical marijuana regulations plus was then allowed to go to the legal weed store. That’s where I located and found the help I so desperately needed. I met medical cannabis professionals who helped myself and others to find the exact cannabis products I needed. It was a breakthrough in our life that was so welcome and needed. However, I don’t lament the time lost, I just supply thanks that cannabis flower products have given myself and others the strength and ability to manage our anxiety.

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