When I began using medical cannabis, I had less stiffness

Once my doctor diagnosed me with MS, I remember everything sort of getting dark & slowing way down.

It was as though I was living it in slow motion.

This happened when I was not quite 30 & had just had a child. The plan that I would be living with MS was just about the furthest thing from our mind. My GP got myself and others into a treatment regimen instantly. I also was told to make some important lifestyle changes that included diet, exercise & spiritual devotion. The GP also proposed that I begin using medical cannabis & the medications. This was yet another thing that shocked me when it came to our MS diagnosis. However, my GP assured myself and others that the medical marijuana would lessen the stiffness & spasms that I would begin having. I didn’t have to be told twice & got myself down to the cannabis dispensary. It was amazing to find such dignified help at a legal weed store. Honestly, I wasn’t legitimately sure what the cannabis dispensary would be like. Thankfully, I was housed in superb hands with a staff member who was experienced. She had done quite a bit of research on MS & how cannabis products could help people cope. While I had used marijuana before, I hadn’t used it in a while. When I began using medical cannabis, I had less stiffness. However, I also found there was a sense of calm that I received with the medical cannabis as well. It has been a useful partner in our journey with MS.



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