I was disappointed after trying to order cannabis for delivery

I used the online order software to buy some cannabis products from a dispensary for miles away from my house; however the minimum purchase price for the delivery was $50 plus the average delivery time was 90 minutes. And I didn’t mind waiting for the order, because I was planning to stay in my apartment all night long. Very few of my friends were going to come over to my apartment plus every one of us were going to spend the evening seeing a Pay-Per-View fight. I ordered a couple of strange items from the cannabis dispensary. And when it was time for a budtender to fill the order, I received an iPhone call. This is always customary when ordering cannabis products for delivery, then unluckily, I found out that half of the items in my order were no longer in stock. I was particularly excited about getting the King Louis distillate syringe that was on sale. I found out that they did not have any distillate syringes at all for me to swap. I had to get rid of that section of the order. The dispensary was out of the 1:1 CBD/THC gummies that I usually buy plus they didn’t have anything with CBD left in the building in that particular brand. I didn’t get my $1 pre roll either, because the cannabis dispensary was entirely sold out. It was an overall disastrous situation. I was angry plus aggravated that so several strange cannabis products were out of stock. I had $220 worth of cannabis products in my cart plus I only ended up with $88 worth of items after talking with the budtender.

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