It’s amazing to have legal cannabis these days

Honestly, I actually didn’t see this coming. But once it happened the first time, I knew there could actually be a chance that it would happen here. Now it has & pretty tough feeling to describe. Knowing I can actually go to a cannabis dispensary & get marijuana for sale is just the most wonderful feeling. I’m in my fifties & I actually didn’t actually believe that I would ever live to see the day when I could get all kinds of marijuana products without fear. It’s just been a total life change for me. I have enjoyed using cannabis & marijuana products for such a long time. However, I commonly had to sneak around or deal with people that I didn’t want to even associate with. It was a time when there was so much propaganda surrounding cannabis products. Using marijuana was so frowned upon & relegated to the shadows of our human existence. How wild is that? Of course it was just fabulous to be a stumbling drunk or buy beer & liquor whenever you wished. But using some sativa or indica strain was not allowed for anybody. There was simply no logic in that at all. Thanks to those who easily decided to fight the confrontation to remove all the lies & falsehoods about recreational cannabis, we have made leaps and bounds since that time. The veil has been lifted & gladly, there are now legal cannabis dispensaries that legally & ethically supply cannabis products all around. To me, it truly just never gets old to go to the local cannabis spot to explore all the various products they have there. What’s more, I find the experience to be totally filled with kindness as well.



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