Medical marijuana gives me more quality time with dad

Alzhiemers is a really cruel disease.

It’s brutal for the person going through it and it’s tough for those caring for the loved one who has it.

There is just nothing that will totally change that, at least currently. However in my case, I’m not looking for a cure as much as I’m looking for some comfort for my dad. That’s where medical marijuana has made such a difference. Dad has been being robbed more and more of his lucidity with every month that goes by. Yet, there are times where he is there and right with me. I can look into his eyes and see the recognition and the calm. It’s much better than the fear I see in his eyes when he is dealing with so much confusion. That is heartbreaking to watch. About six months ago, I started getting some cannabis education by going to cannabis events at the legal weed shop near us. I learned that medical cannabis can aid those dealing with dementia. Calming my dad and even allowing for more and longer episodes of lucidity. I learned a lot from the cannabis information and I started to work through the medical marijuana regulations to get dad acces. It’s sort of interesting that he is getting treated with medical cannabis. I’ve explained what it is to him. Mostly, he just thinks it’s another medicine. But one day, he said he never thought he’d live to be a hippie. And he had that great big grin on his face that I’ve known all my life. Medical cannabis is helping my dad deal with this horrible disease. And I’m so grateful for the few extra moments that both of us offer.


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