The cannabis dispensary was lacking around half of my order

I used the online order system to buy some cannabis products from a dispensary that is only three miles away from my house; then the minimum purchase price for the delivery was $50 and the average delivery time was 90 minutes. Of course I did not mind waiting for the order, because I was planning to stay in my new home all evening long, and none of my friends were going to come over to my new home and the people I was with and I were going to spend the evening enjoying a Pay-Per-View fight. I ordered a couple of peculiar items from the cannabis dispensary. When it was finally time for a budtender to fill the order, I gained a PC call. This is always customary when ordering cannabis products for delivery; unfortunately, I found out that half of the items in my order were no longer in stock. I was particularly happy about the King Louis distillate syringe that was supposedly on sale. I found out that they did not have any distillate syringes at all. I had to get rid of that part of the overall order. The dispensary was out of the 1:1 CBD/THC gummies that I usually buy and they sadly did not have anything with CBD left in the building in that brand. I did not get my $1 pre roll either, because the cannabis dispensary was completely sold out of them all. It was a disastrous situation for me. I was angry and aggravated that so many peculiar cannabis products were out of stock. I had $220 worth of various cannabis products in my cart and I only ended up with $88 worth of items after talking with the annoyed budtender.

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