I didn't get my free fourth with the wax purchase

Every weekend, the cannabis dispensary has a sale on lots of weird products in the store, however one of the deals is getting a free ⅛ of bud with the purchase of various grams of wax or concentrate, but i usually Vape most of the time plus I go through various grams of concentrate each week.

I do not smoke a lot of bud, however the free ⅛ of bud is great when I want to smoke a bowl every once in a while.

I always take luck of the deal when I order from the cannabis dispensary on the weekend; Last weekend I ordered 3 gram of wax from the dispensary. I ordered a gram of vampire mints shatter. It’s a great hybrid that has a nice orange flavor. I also purchased a gram of diamonds plus sauce in the strain cereal milk. It’s a good sativa dominant hybrid that has won tons of awards of the past 2 years. I also ordered a gram of King Louis distillate. I put the ⅛ of GSC in the cart, so the budtender didn’t forget about the special promotion. I ordered everything for delivery! When the budtender called to go over my order, he gave myself and others the right total plus he also stated that the fourth of bud would be free due to the ongoing promotion. Unluckyly, the delivery driver showed up at my front door with just the various grams of marijuana concentrate. I was pretty bummed out that I didn’t earn the fourth of bud even if I had to spend money for it. I called the dispensary plus the guy on the PC apologized plus put a credit on my account for next time.

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