The guy would not stop yelling about the special

When I was 18 years old, I worked in a pizzeria as a server. I had to listen to a lot of customers complain plus occasionally people were not genuinely nice. When I turned 21, I got a task laboring as a bartender plus I still listened to people complain, however at least the tips were way better. I worked as a bartender for a long time plus then a genuinely interesting opportunity fell into my lap, however my guy’s mom got a task laboring as a manager for a recreational cannabis dispensary, then he wanted myself and others to come labor as his assistant manager plus he offered myself and others a ton of currency plus benefits. I honestly liked laboring in the bar, however I knew the 9-5 task would be better for someone starting a family in a few weeks, then now that I labor in a cannabis dispensary, I can truthfully say that it isn’ttoo much weird than laboring at the bar. I still serve comfort to all of my guests plus I still have to hear complaints plus complications. Last week, a customer was yelling at the top of his lungs about a special that every one of us were having on marijuana, and the special was BOGO on particulars brands plus every one of us even offered mix plus match. The customer wanted to mix plus match another brand not offered in the promotion plus he became irate when every one of us refused to make the substitution. I didn’t have any control over the specials offered by our corporate office, however the guy acted appreciate I was personally trying to make him upset.

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