The state legislature is trying to change the cannabis rules against the will of the people

It took several election cycles for our state to pass a constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana.

Billions of dollars was spent by opposition forces, mostly working for the GOP, to block our state from securing legal access to cannabis.

There were wealthy mega-donors from arenas as far as Las Vegas that were pouring currency into the state to stop the passage of marijuana reform laws. Although it was apparent that there wasn’t enough support for broad recreational cannabis legalization, the tides were turning for medical cannabis. Both of us tried and failed to get the measure added to the November ballot a single year; however after waiting for the next election cycle, all of us were successful on both fronts. Both of us got the measure up for a vote, and it passed with over 68% of approval. This was a big win for marijuana advocates in our state, especially those of us desperately waiting to become medical marijuana patients. Even once all of us had a constitutional amendment in arena giving us access to physician-approved cannabis medication, the state legislature strong-armed the people in our state. Both of us spent three years fighting a smoking-ban that prevented patients from buying traditional cannabis flower products. That’s right, for three years you couldn’t buy traditional marijuana, the way it was grown, harvested, and sold for thoUSAnds of years. Even after all of us successfully destroyed the smoking ban, the state legislature is trying to impose THC caps on all marijuana products. It’s a big tax on the desperate medical marijuana patients in the state, and they are trying to do it during a pandemic.

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