The RXO shatter was a overheated sticky mess

RXO shatter is a truly high-quality shatter plus genuinely not the category of product that should be used by a beginner, however rXO shatter is one wonderful value plus genuinely wonderful quality.

RXO shatter uses the entire plant plus is full spectrum; It is refined using ethanol, so unlike RSO which is edible only, it can be safely used in dabbing rigs plus vaporizers.I genuinely prefer to use RXO shatter plus it is my number one product to use at evening before I go to bed.

I have a lot of pain in my back, knees, neck, plus joints, but the RXO shatter Is genuinely hard to find plus I have only been able to purchase this from one cannabis dispensary in the area. They offer both half gram plus full gram doses in several odd strains. I ordered several grams of shatter from the dispensary last weekend plus I was truly disappointed that the shatter was a overheated sticky mess. The marijuana concentrate was all over the inside of the package plus it was a mess. I had to stick the marijuana concentrate in the freezer before I could do anything with the product. I called the cannabis dispensary plus I complained about the shatter. They told me that I could bring it back to the dispensary plus they would update it, however I’m not going to waste my time. I just won’t order the same product unless I believe it is a superb batch. I have been buying the same products from this dispensary for months plus this is the first time I have had this issue.

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