Cannabis oil pens can contain CBD oil as well as high THC hash oil

CBD seemed to be exactly what I was looking for

It’s hard treating anxiety without taking something that is going to sedate you. I took anti-anxiety medications throughout college and graduate school but was drinking insane amounts of coffee to function through the day. It was scary worrying about my heart so much, because there is a history of those sorts of problems in my family going back several generations. On top of that, I had issues with depression as well and it felt like my prescription anxiety medications made depression even harder to cope with. They might shut off the part of the brain that incessantly worries, but they can sometimes make you feel “dead” inside. I started using cannabis after it became legal in my state. I loved that I had finally come across a medication that could treat both of my primary mental health problems—chronic anxiety and crippling depression. But, I could do so with much less sedation in the process. When I discovered CBD products, I was immediately amazed by what I was reading. Because THC can be so intoxicating in some settings, some people struggled with those side effects when looking for purely medical results from traditional cannabis. But when CBD is extracted and consumed separately, many experience the medical effects from normal cannabis but without getting intoxicated and drowsy in the process. CBD seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I buy cannabis oil pens with CBD oil instead of high THC hash oil. They’re extremely discrete and I can take them anywhere I go. Since CBD is federally legal, I can throw them in luggage before boarding a plane.

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