Cramping because of at home job

I have been working from the house for the last year. I love being able to work from home. I can get my office work done, and I can also relax with the kids every once in a while. I loved being able to be home and have a home life for a change. The only problem is that when I am working, I work harder than when at the office. My shoulders muscles end up tensing and lately I have been getting muscle spasms. My arm muscles and neck have begun to cramp. I went online and I found many weird types of exercises I can do, but they aren’t doing anything for the pain. I decided to go to the doctor and see if he could advocate anything. He said he had been hearing a lot of great things about CBD topicals and CBD capsules that you could take like Advil or excedrin. I went into the cannabis store. I knew that they sold medical marijuana and I was surprised this was where the doctor sent me. I told the person at the front counter that I was looking for CBD. She asked what was going on. I told her about the muscle cramps and my aches. She told me about CBD products that would help me. She even gave me some samples to see which I would like. I used the samples, loving how they made me feel. I went into the medical cannabis dispensary back to get a whole bottle. I was wondering if I couldn’t get a medical cannabis card to get something better.

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