Happy days at the cannabis cafe

It’s been a few years now that there has been a cannabis dispensary in our section of town.

  • It came in with plenty of fanfare.

I think, like me, there were a pretty good amount of people that had waited a severely long time in order to care about recreational marijuana products. When the cannabis dispensary opened for the first time, there were lines completely out the door. I basically had to wait a few weeks before I finally chose to go in. But once I did, I found that the marijuana business was an excellent retail outlet. I’m not even sure what I expected although I certainly was impressed by how beautiful the venue was. And the amount of cannabis products was fantastic. It would have taken me a pretty long time just to go through all the cannabis items that they had for sale. Since then, I have made my weekly trips to the cannabis dispensary to get some delicious edibles. But I was blissful to see that the cannabis dispensary had opened a cannabis cafe right next door. It’s just such a beautiful venue. There are plenty of tables outside as well as it’s on a fairly quiet street. When the people I was with and I have a day with sunshine, I like to meet friends down there to care about some good tea as well as a sweet. They also have some of the most delicious edibles that I have ever tried. What a brilliant idea it was for the marijuana business to open that cannabis cafe. It fits easily into what they are doing. Now that recreational marijuana is something to be enjoyed, they are offering it in this way now.

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