Happy with the progress of the cannabis industry

It’s such a welcome sight to see a cannabis dispensary finally opening in our community. This is something that took a huge amount of work to make happen. It took years of lobbying the state and local leaders. And it was the pioneering authorities in other states that we basically took our lead from. I have been a pretty sizable proponent of cannabis and cannabis products for all of my adult life. So to welcome the very first cannabis dispensary to town was a gratifying experience. I have been a vocal proponent of recreational marijuana for the longest time. My history with cannabis goes back about 30 years to when I tried it when I was only a college student. I guess it was an Indica strain that was my initial experience. And I can clearly remember wondering when I was going to feel anything. To that point, all I had ever done was drink a good amount in order to feel less inhibited. However, alcohol truly wasn’t for me. Not only did I have a genetic history of alcoholism, I just honestly didn’t enjoy the way it made me feel. To get the effect I was easily seeking meant that I was nearly laid up much of the day the next day. So when I tried that first bit of recreational marijuana, it was a fairly pressing game changer. I felt something I honestly had never felt before. It was as though a tremendous weight had been lifted and I saw my life in a seriously fulfilling way. Regrettably, there was no such thing as legal recreational marijuana around that time. But I got into the ultimate fight to legalize medical marijuana. That was a pressing first step to help civilization and the authorities understand that cannabis products are essential to a wide range of people.
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