I tried the pineapple express the first time

The preroll smelled like fruit flavors and it tasted pretty nice too

When my wife and I moved to the coast, we immediately went to a cannabis dispensary to try some recreational medicine. I spent my whole life growing up by the bible belt and marijuana was like crack cocaine or meth. My parents told me that marijuana would lead to a life of laziness and unmet goals. On television, I saw ads about my brain frying like an egg if I used pot. My wife grew up on the coast and she thought that marijuana was a holistic drug. We spent a lot of time discussing the merits of medical marijuana when it was up for debate in our state. After my wife got a promotion at work, we went to live on the west coast and we had access to lots of different marijuana supplies. On my first visit to a dispensary, I was totally and completely amazed by everything that I saw on the shelves. The sales staff was kind and helpful and they knew a lot of information about each one of the products. I chose a pre roll marijuana cigarette for the first time and it was a cool blend called pineapple express. The preroll smelled like fruit flavors and it tasted pretty nice too. I was higher than a kite the first time that I smoked a joint, but now I can smoke the whole 1 gram pre roll all by myself. Marijuana flower is probably my favorite product on the market, even though there are more than a dozen different types.

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