I was at the cannabis store to purchase CBD.

There are some days when my rheumatoid arthritis is so bad that I sit and cry from the excruciating pain that goes through my body.

It hurts to get out of bed, and to move.

I wonder what I have done so bad in my life, that I have been given this horrible condition. I used to wonder why my father would sometimes get irritable with us. I knew he had arthritis, but I couldn’t see the changes in his body. I couldn’t figure out why everyone said it was the pain. I inherited my rheumatoid arthritis from him. I feel like I am walking on rocks most days, and they are sharp rocks. They aren’t the small rocks you find under your feet in the ocean. I was telling my rheumatologist about this ever present pain, and how much it hurt just to walk. She asked me if I had tried CBD topical ointment or patches. She said I could try the CBD over the counter at most drug stores, or in the medical cannabis store. I decided to stop in town at the medical cannabis store, on my way home from work. I worried that I would run into someone I knew I would need to come up with a reason for being in the cannabis store. Luckily, the only person I saw was one of the nurses I worked with in the hospital. She showed me which cream would work the best for me, and she even told me how to use it. I was glad she was at the cannabis store at the same time I was here.


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