Oh how pot farming has changed

It’s simply amazing to know that I can walk into a legal weed store in different parts of this country to buy the cannabis product of my choice.

That is something that I wasn’t sure that I would ever see happen.

But with the advent of legal medical marijuana there came with it an infrastructure. There had to medical grow rooms to fill this newly legalized business. And to be sure this was a business. But it was such a subtly brilliant way to get the door to open for legalized marijuana and marijuana cultivation. It’s not like a licensed, legal business could get their product from illegal pot farming operations. No, there had to me a legal marijuana cultivation aspect to the whole thing or it didn’t make sense. However, once that was shown to work. Marijuana growing became a legitimate business. And the tax revenues were immense. Not just from the cannabis dispensaries but from the licensing of starting a marijuna grow how. The fees were steep and that was on purpose. The state government wanted to be sure they were steering clear of any of the criminal element. If you wanted a marijuana grow house you were going to have to some serious investment. And serious investment means serious business people. This was also a key element in how we went from medical marijuana being legal to recreational marijuana being legal. Now we are looking at pot farming on a corporate scale starting to appear. And it’s not going to stop. This will just be the first few innings and there will be a lot of money to be mad from cannabis cultivation.


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