We can easily walk to the cannabis shop now

Man, is it enjoyable to have a cannabis dispensary so nearby to our residence.

When recreational marijuana became legal in the first place, the only dispensary was extremely far away.

And when you live in a place where having a car is a genuinely pressing burden, going local tends to be the best things. When I first came to the city, I had a car. Having grown up in a rural space of the country, all the people basically had to depend on cars. If you didn’t have your own transportation, you honestly couldn’t even get a job. But I found out in a hurry that cars aren’t actually necessary in the city. The added insurance expense along with having to figure out parking was a pretty major hassle. Mainly because I just rarely ever drove. I did everything local for the most part. So when the first cannabis dispensary opened on the other side of the city. There were a lot of trains and busses involved in just getting the marijuana for sale. It took a lot of time for me to get the cannabis I wanted. The nice thing was that they had a pretty awesome cannabis cafe there. So once I did my shopping, I could hang out at the cannabis cafe a bit before traveling back to my side of the city. When the people heard that there was going to be a marijuana dealer just down a few blocks from our community, the crowd totally went wild. I mean my friends and I were so gleeful that the bunch of us could shop for our cannabis products by easily walking to the cannabis dispensary when we wanted.

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