Getting my weight on track with medical cannabis

I don’t know for certain if medical marijauna helped the shame area of my disorder or not.

  • However, since I have been using medical marijuana to help treat my eating disorder, I absolutely am able to face the fact of my brutal condition.

There is a self honesty about my situation that I have never had before. The talk therapy coupled with using medical marijuana products has entirely helped me adjust my way of thinking. There is just no more lying to myself in the least. And I don’t allow media or images to easily influence my own body image nearly as much. I’m not perfect, however I’m absolutely getting better. I suppose a part of my eating disorder is centered around my inability to accept myself. Seeing myself as only a body type or size became my whole identity pretty much. Thanks to medical cannabis, I am now embracing a true appetite that for so long I saw as the enemy. But, instead of binging & purging, I’m simply learning how to be hungry & then feed my body nutritional foods. And medical marijuana also helps me to do that & then let my body be whatever shape it needs to be. Yet, I am getting healthy for the first time in my life & I’m truly happy about it. I wish more people would get the medical marijuana facts. There is cannabis information out there & it can help numerous people with all types of eating disorders. I’m so grateful that I was able to find medical cannabis products. And what’s so ironic is that I really enjoy eating the cannabis gummies that help me so much!

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