Medical cannabis replacing antidepressants for me

I’m in my early 50’s plus was tested with what they called clinical depression when I was a senior in high university.

  • By the time I was midway through university, I was on the new generation of antidepressant meds.

There was some initial help from these meds. But it waned plus I never saw fantastic results again. Then I turned to medical marijuana after all these years. What is happening for me regarding my anxiety plus depressions is nothing short of remarkable. I have never felt better in my life. If only I had realized the medical marijuana benefits for depression plus anxiety earlier. But I didn’t. In immense part, that’s because I believe I sort of just resigned myself to a life that is uncomfortable, lonely, frightening plus largely unhappy. This wasn’t so much a conscious decision as it was something that sort of just happened over time. But a friend was persistent with cannabis information. Finally, I started paying attention plus the facts about cannabis products became legitimately clear to me. I tested the marijuana regulations plus got myself to a marijuana dispensary. And from there, it’s been nothing but a shining satisfaction plus an example of how things can change when you least expect them. Once I started using the cannabis flower products, the results were almost immediate. I abruptly felt a sense of almost innate delight plus hope. It was akin to feelings I had when I was just a little girl which incidentally was absolutely the last time I was glad. Medical cannabis is giving me back that cosmic or innate spark all of us come to life with.

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