Do you want to sleep?

There are multiple main types of marijuana strains, you know.

Sativa marijuana strains are helpful for daytime use because they have a cool energizing plus uplifting feeling.

Sativa strains are great for anxiety plus depression treatment. Indica strains are great for nighttime use, because they have a more sedative feeling for most. But not that many years ago, I experienced a horrific car accident. I still have PTSD from the car accident I experienced plus I also deal with flashbacks. I could not sleep at night for more than an hour or several. I woke up dripping through and through with sweat plus breathing heavily plus occasionally I didn’t realize why. I talked to a practitioner about insomnia. Every one of us tried over the counter remedies to help sleep, but nothing worked well. Melatonin helped myself and others stay calm for a while plus fall asleep, although I still woke up a couple hours later almost every single night, anyways. The insomnia was affecting our work plus social life, however finally, the guy gave myself and others a recommendation for medical marijuana. I went to a nearby medical marijuana treatment facility plus I talked to a specialist about our ongoing condition. A specialist prescribed medical marijuana for bedtime use. I went to a nearby cannabis dispensary for the first time plus I talked to a licensed budtender for a long while about our insomnia plus PTSD. The lady recommended a couple of indica strains. I ate a whole gallon of chocolate eruption ice cream plus a half bag of tortilla pretzels that night. After that, I passed out plus slept for 8 hours! It was the first full night of restful sleep I had in 8 years.

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