Getting more balance with help from medical cannabis

It’s remarkable that something so natural like medical marijuana can do what other medicines simply couldn’t do.

I have pretty sever social anxiety that comes with a fair amount of depression.

My parents thought I was just shy until I could barely even get out of bed to go to school when I was a teen. It wasn’t shy, it was terror of feeling constantly judged and being so sensitive to what others might or might not say. Until I learned about medical cannabis, I was captive to these feelings. The doctors gave me many combinations of medicines to help treat my condition. But none could really conquer it. The symptoms would be a bit less and then the meds just wouldn’t work at all after a while. It was beyond frustrating until I got some cannabis information. That set me on a quest to really get a cannabis education in hopes that I would find something that would be a tool for me to move on from my condition. What I learned is that medical cannabis products can help with anxiety and depression. Once I was able to navigate the medical marijuana regulations, I had access to the legal weed store. There I found compassionate individuals who knew the different types of cannabis products that would work specifically for me. Once I started using the medical cannabis, the relief came rather quickly. It started with just this small feeling of hope. And that turned into a bit of confidence and trust that I could manage life outside of my house. The months went by using medical marijuana and my life continued to blossom. Now, I actually have a part time job and interact with people on a near daily basis.


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