My wife wasn’t very happy with my choices that weekend

My wife’s brother died of an overdose when he was 20 years old.

  • He had been living on the streets for 2 years.

He had a serious problem with methamphetamines and a few other heavy drugs. When Jack died, my wife went crazy with grief. It took years and years of counseling for her to recover. She was very close with her brother. Ever since the overdose, my wife has been a number one supporter of anti-drug legislation. My wife does not believe that drugs like pot should be legalized. In fact, my wife does not believe that marijuana offers any real medical benefits. This has been a subject of discussion in our home for the past six months. Back in January, my doctor suggested using medical marijuana to help deal with anxiety and depression. I have fought with anxiety and depression throughout my entire life. As I get older, the symptoms are getting more difficult to deal with. When the doctor suggested using medical marijuana, my wife absolutely lost her mind. She thought the doctor was a quack and she told me to get a second opinion. I read a lot of information about medical marijuana and its effectiveness as a treatment for anxiety and depression. All of the reading materials suggest that it can be very effective. I really want to try using marijuana, but my wife thinks it is a one way ticket to drug rehab or death. I can’t get her to see things clearly. All she can think about is the way her brother died.

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