Not the best time for an AC problem

I didn’t want to work on Labor Day weekend, let me tell you that. I wanted to go to the beach with our friends plus spend all day in the sun. Unluckily, I had to work a shift at the cannabis dispensary. I had the entire 4th holiday off work, so I was forced to work on Labor Day. I knew it was going to be a massive trade, so I wasn’t surprised to see our name on the schedule. Every one of us already had a big sale at the cannabis dispensary that weekend to celebrate Labor Day. That meant, almost every item in the store was on sale. Every one of us had pricey cannabis cartridges on sale at buy a single plus get a single free. Every one of us even had $10 fifths plus $20 quarters. All of the edible treats plus snacks for 30% off. Every one of us had a ton of online orders plus the store was filled with so many people all day long. It’s no surprise that the a/c stopped working that afternoon. I suddenly heard the a/c shut off plus I thought it sounded abrupt. I didn’t think much about the strange sound until the indoor temperature started to get warmer. That’s right about when I realized that the a/c was. It was 70 degrees inside the dispensary plus I finally alerted the manager. I thought there might be a concern with the a/c. She went and called a professional service as soon as she saw the temperature on the temperature control.

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