Post accident pain relief with medical cannabis

I never thought I was as fragile than I actually am.

The idea that something like a fall could end up harming me in such a profound way just didn’t compute.

And then it happened to me. I’m just lucky to have medical cannabis products to help see me through my recovery. I was on a simple ski trip when someone cut me off and I ended hitting several trees. I had multiple leg injuries, a concussion and a ruptured disk in my back. There were immediate surgeries and lots of pain medications. But once the physical therapy started, I wanted nothing more to do with the opioids. It was going to be hard enough to recover from my accident without being addicted to pills as well. A good friend of mine got me some cannabis information. I did some subsequent research on medical marijuana and was pleased to find that medical cannabis could help me in a number of ways. Once I understood the marijuana rules, I was able to figure out how to get a medical marijuana card. From there, it was the good people at the medical marijuana dispensary that were so instrumental in helping me. They knew exactly the medical cannabis products that would be best for me as I navigated physical therapy and my path to recovery. I was quite pleased with the results from the cannabis products. Not only did help alleviate pain, it also helped me have a better perspective when it came to my recovery. I wasn’t down about like I had been. Instead, the medical cannabis helped me remember that this was temporary.

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