The products need to be cold

There are a couple products located inside the marijuana dispensary that have to be refrigerated.

All of the costly resin products need to be kept at a cool temperature.

Plus, all of our cannabis infused beverages also need to be refrigerated. At any given time, that means there is about a ton of dollars worth of merchandise in the refrigerator. Not that many weeks ago, the two of us had a serious thunderstorm. It rained plus poured outdoors plus the two of us had multiple lightning strikes across town. The town north of us had 3 horrible tornadoes. One tornado was almost a mile wide plus it took out half of the middle school as it went. At a single point while I was in the middle of the night, the power rapidly went out. Every one of us have a backup generator, but it failed to come back on. When I got to the marijuana dispensary in the afternoon, I realized that the necessary refrigerator was off. It was sizzling inside of the appliance plus I knew that was very terrible news. I looked at the thermometer on the left side of the refrigerator plus the temperature was warming. I called the manufacturer that handles all of the products in our refrigerator. Whenever the business found out that the refrigerator was 73°, they recommended heavily that the two of us get rid of the product in the refrigerator. Every one of us lost a lot of store money when the generator failed. Every one of us had to sell all of the marijuana supplies to customers at a discounted price. Thankfully, a lot of our buyers didn’t mind the sizzling hot indoor temperatures. They were ecstatic to get live resin plus marijuana drinks for themselves for 50% off the regular price.

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