The young man boasted legal cannabis for sale.

A young man approached me last week.

He had a baggie full of marijuana and he was asking me if I wanted to buy it. I told him that if I wanted to purchase marijuana, I would purchase it legally at the cannabis dispensary. He gave me an odd look and told me it was legal marijuana. His father was using the marijuana pain, and they bought it at the local legal, medical marijuana dispensary. He said the marijuana he was trying to sell was still there when his father died. His little brother was sneaking the marijuana out of the bag and smoking it, and he was only thirteen. He thought that if he sold the marijuana, it would get it out of the house. I asked him if he had thought to take the baggie to the medical marijuana dispensary? He shrugged and told me they might take it back, but he couldn’t get any money for it. I chuckled and agreed with him, but it was worth taking it in and asking about it. I didn’t tell him I owned the local legal marijuana dispensary, but I offered to go there with him. I hushed the bud tender when he addressed me. I nodded at the young man when I nudged him forward. When the young man asked if they would buy the marijuana and told them his story, I nodded. My budtender offered him the same amount of money he would have paid for the marijuana. He had legal marijuana for sale, and I thought we should pay him.

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