Using it for migraines

Those who often deal with migraine headaches belknowknieve exactly how life altering these episodes can be.

  • I have dealt with this kind of headache for over a year now.

And they came just out of nowhere. Up until I started using cannabis products, I had limited help. The medications prescribed to me were, at best, limited in what they could do. Once the early on signs of a migraine was coming, I could do very little to stop it. And the drugs meant to keep me from having a migraine had so several side effects that it just wasn’t worth it. Thankfully, medical marijuana is allowed in our region. It took a long time for there to be legal access to a medical marijuana dispensary. But, recent legislation has changed that. I was able to get a referral to a doctor who then prescribed medical marijuana for me. I went through all of the medical marijuana rules & was finally given access to the medical weed that I needed. From the unquestionably outset of treatment with medical marijuana, our migraine symptoms are far less difficult. And medical marijuana feels like it has reduced the frequency of the episodes as well. I’m off the prescription meds & thankful to be. With the medical cannabis I get at the medical cannabis shop, I’m able to do far more to treat what was once a totally debilitating condition. Now, I have less pain & when I do, I’m normally back on my feet the next afternoon. I feel for those who live in areas where medical marijauna access is denied. Medical cannabis has simply changed our life.

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