We were wondering what was taking our cannabis delivery so long

My fiance plus I made the choice to move to this neighborhood a few months ago.

The place is unquestionably sizable plus there are at least 50 different streets in the area! My fiance plus I reside in a loft at the unquestionably back of the place.

Sometimes it can be tough for delivery drivers to find our loft. The first time the two of us ordered pizza, the two of us had to rest outside the loft so the driver could actually spot our address. My fiance plus I made the move to order some cannabis supplies from a cannabis shop in town. In the comments section, the two of us informed the driver to call us for the instructions to the front door. The cannabis delivery driver never bothered to call to get instruction from the two of us plus the guy ended up being completely lost in the community. My fiance plus I were wondering where our cannabis supplies could possibly be when it was roughly two hours after the order was made. My fiance does not typically call to complain about things, but she talked to the manager at the dispensary about our order. Both of us came to learn that the driver had been lost for at least half an hour. The manager at the cannabis shop gave us the telephone number for the delivery driver. My fiance plus I met the guy in the front of the town, so the two of us did not have to attempt to find our address all over again. I knew my fiance plus I would be in a great deal of trouble when the two of us purchased this property. It is not easy to find, and basically everyone has trouble finding the address plus that includes the postal worker.


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