Weed and support at the same time

For weeks, I just didn’t feel like myself.

It was as if I had worked out way too much, not gotten much rest & just was completely a mess. So I went to the doctor to see what was happening. I described our symptoms & the doctor did some tests on me. Not too long later, I learned that I had MS. That was a sizable change & it happened quickly. Along with trying different medications, it was suggested that I might add medical marijuana to manage my MS. This seemed sort of difficult for me. But at that point, I easily didn’t know much at all about medical marijuana. That would change. I got to some cannabis events at a legal cannabis store. There I learned all about how dramatically medical cannabis can affect MS symptoms. When I began treatment with medical cannabis products, I could tell right then that it helped me with the stiffness & spasms I was experiencing. I continued using marijuana & found that I also was getting some real emotional help from the medical cannabis products as well. The longer I kept going to the legal weed store, the more I came in contact with others who were experiencing the same thing I was going through. So not only was I able to get the weed and that help from the legal weed store, I was meeting people & forming a sort of support group too. MS is no longer something that I fear as much as it’s something that I have accepted.


medical cannabis