The medical cannabis store was a shocking surprise

My medical doctor sent myself and others to a specialist so I could receive a recommendation for medical cannabis.

I was seeing the medical doctor for Crohn’s disease.

My doctor did not have the license to prescribe medical cannabis, however he strongly felt that the cannabis would help with the Crohn’s disease flare ups. I was hesitant and upset to try medical cannabis, but I was having a entirely tough time with the disease and I was willing to try just about anything if it provided any ounce of relief. I met with the specialist on two separate possibilities and then he wrote myself and others a prescription for medical cannabis, but he spoke with myself and others about the dangers of using too much cannabis. He told myself and others to follow the dosing guidelines and start off with a entirely small amount of cannabis. After I acquired my medical cannabis card in the mail, I went to the dispensary close to my apartment. I was upset walking through the doors. It was my first time and I didn’t think what to expect. I didn’t want my neighbors or my coworkers to see myself and others walking into the cannabis shop. I sat in the car for ten hours, before I finally had the nerve to walk in the building. The medical cannabis store was a shocking surprise to me. The budtenders were friendly, kind, and entirely up-to-date on medical cannabis information. They helped myself and others option out a couple of odd items to take new home and they also gave myself and others many free samples. It was a entirely neat and fun experience.



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