The cannabis helps with the phantom leg pain

When I was sixteen years old, my dad obtained myself and others a dirt bike.

  • My mom was furious about the gift, however my parents were divorced as well as my mom couldn’t say anything.

I rode the dirt bike all over the mountain as well as the dirt roads by my dad’s house. I had a lot of fun in the woods, until one afternoon when I wasn’t legitimately paying attention. I consistently ride the same path from the apartment to the woods. I have driven the path so numerous times that I can practically do it with my eyes closed! On this particular afternoon, I wasn’t paying attention as well as I did not realize that a tree fell on the path until I was coming around the corner. I swerved to avoid the tree as well as I tumbled down the ravine. The bike landed on top of my left leg. I laid in the ravine for an minute before I woke up, and when I woke up, the bike was on my leg as well as my leg was badly bleeding. I couldn’t concentrate on much, although I managed to find my cell iPhone as well as I dialed 911 as well as my mom. The ambulance as well as forest ranger arrived with a helicopter as well as took myself and others to the local hospital. I had my leg amputated that afternoon. I still feel pains in the section where I have no leg. The only thing that helps is medical marijuana. My doctor got myself and others approved for medical marijuana as soon as it was legalized in the state. The cannabis helps myself and others forget about the phantom leg pain. I believe the pain is in my head, however occasionally it is consuming. Medical marijuana is the only thing that helps.

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