Medical marijuana is helping our anxiety and mental health

Very few of years ago, I started seeing a therapist constantly, and i have always had problems with mental health… When I was much younger, I had a traumatic experience that left myself and others with a lot of baggage, my mental health was always an issue, however neither 1 of our parents knew how to deal with me, then they thought I was being a troublemaker, however I absolutely needed someone to talk to, and after I grew up and started a work, I realized that the anxiety and stress were holding myself and others back from absolutely reaching our full potential.

I started seeing a therapist several times every month for a long time, however one afternoon the guy spoke with myself and others about medical marijuana.

It was recently approved for medical use and I had a condition that allowed myself and others to use the drug under supervision from a medical nurse. I did not think much about medical marijuana, so I decided to conduct some research at home. I study a lot of unusual research studies and medical journals about the current advances in math and the use of marijuana. After I understood all of the risks, I decided to talk with our therapist about getting a legal marijuana use card. That was almost 1 year ago and I feel better than I have in many years or more. I feel more mentally fit and I have less aches and pains in general. I constantly inform other people about medical marijuana anytime the subject of herbal and holistic treatments comes up. I think marijuana is a lot better than any antipsychotic drug on the market and it has less harsh side effects.
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