Occasionally I guess barely any effects from cannabis edibles

I was in the hospital recently after a employer injury.

I am an electrician and I was sitting on a ladder trying to install a high voltage line to a building.

Somehow the entire metal pipe became charged with current and I started to get electrocuted however couldn’t let go of the pipe. The only way our coworkers could save our life was by kicking the ladder out from underneath me. Although it likely saved our life, I was still disfigured from the fall. I compressed a single of our vertebrae and disfigured other portions of our lower back. I had to have surgery on several occasions to reuse from our injuries. Although I’m back toiling at our task, I am dealing with pain every single day. I finally quit taking the opiate pain medicine because I was upset that I would beginning getting addicted to the point where I couldn’t stop even if I reuseed from our injuries. Thankfully, there was an alternative in sight with the recently legalized cannabis available in our state. I had used the plant in school however quit after entering the workforce. Thankfully I no longer had to worry about drug testing so I started using it again. I had great advantage with marijuana flower products, especially indica strains for their heavy hitting body effects. However, I haven’t had the best results with any kind of cannabis edible. I’ve had brownies, capsules, and soda, however for some reason I get barely any effects whenever I ingest cannabis love this. Even if I take as much as 100mg of THC at once, I still barely guess it. This is why I have stuck to inhalation products love cannabis concentrates and flower products. They deliver me heavy hitting effects hastily, making them hard to beat.


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