The lemonade flavored candies are way better than the cherry

A couple weeks ago, one of the medical marijuana dispensaries in neighborhood had a giant sale on all of the edible treats.

The director sent an email as well as email to every person who signed up with the medical marijuana dispensary, then i received a email on my iPhone… When I found out about the sale on edible treats, I called another one of my friends that is a medical marijuana patient, but he was excited about the sale as well.

The 2 of us stocked up on a lot of bizarre edible marijuana treats when all of us went to the cell. I bought a bucket of lemonade flavored gummy candies as well as my best friend bought a bucket of cherry flavored gummy candies. I also bought a bucket of peanut butter cookies with 20 mg of THC in each cookie, not only did they supply a nice fantastic high, however the cookies also tasted absolutely delicious, but my friend as well as I went back to my loft after all of us finished at the marijuana dispensary… Every one of us opened up all of our candy so all of us can try things. I tasted the lemonade flavored edible candies as well as I thought they were truly tasty. I did not prefer the flavor of the cherry ones. I thought the cherry flavored edible marijuana treats tasted prefer cough syrup. I was actually blissful that I decided to get lemonade instead of a bizarre flavor. I’m sure my friend will still eat the candy, if they do taste a little gross. That guy never lets anything go to waste. He smokes the joint all the way down to the paper.

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