The lemonade flavored candies are way better than the cherry

A couple weeks ago, a single of the medical marijuana dispensaries in town had a big sale on all of the edible treats! The supervisor sent an SMS as well as text to every guy who signed up with the medical marijuana dispensary, but i acquired a text on my phone.

  • When I found out about the sale on edible treats, I called another a single of my friends that is a medical marijuana patient, however he was excited about the sale as well.

The several of us stocked up on a lot of strange edible marijuana treats when we went to the cell. I bought a tote of lemonade flavored gummy candies as well as my best buddy bought a tote of cherry flavored gummy candies. I also purchased a tote of peanut butter cookies with 20 mg of THC in each cookie, but not only did they provide a nice great high, however the cookies also tasted easily delicious… My buddy as well as I went back to my home after we finished at the marijuana dispensary… All of us opened up all of our candy so we can try things. I tasted the lemonade flavored edible candies as well as I thought they were actually tasty. I did not appreciate the flavor of the cherry a singles. I thought the cherry flavored edible marijuana treats tasted appreciate cough syrup. I was really ecstatic that I decided to get lemonade instead of a strange flavor. I’m sure my buddy will still eat the candy, if they do taste a little gross. That guy never lets anything go to waste. He smokes the joint all the way down to the paper.
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