I gotta get him out of here

About 6 months long ago, a brand new medical marijuana dispensary opened up on the south side of my bustling town.

Before the new medical marijuana dispensary opened, I was actually managing the north side shop.

When the corporation decided to open a whole new medical marijuana dispensary on the south side of town, they asked myself and a few others to be the manager. I was particularly excited about the opportunity. I went and worked for the corporation for 8 months plus I was gleeful to make more money. I have to drive a significant distance to task every day plus I easily spend more money on gas, however the raise money covers all of the added expenses. The local medical marijuana dispensary has been very busy since the two of us opened our bustling doors in December. The parking lot is filled with people plus cars. In fact, our parking lot has become a hangout spot for unwanted people. The dispensary is right across the street from a shelter. Yesterday, the guy in the parking lot was bothering all of our customers, then every time someone in the shop came out the front door, the guy was pounding them for money plus free weed. After about three customers called to complain, I finally went outside plus politely asked the smelly guy to leave our property. Thankfully, he did not put up a fight, because I would have called the local police. I do not want street people littering the parking lot in front of the medical dispensary. It’s just awful for our business.


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