I use cannabis every day

Five days a week, my life is deadly dull and ridiculously repetitive, but seriously, everyone would have gone mad long ago from the sameness of it all.

Wake up, sit in traffic for a while, look for a parking space, clock in, stare at a screen for eight and a half hours, then sit in traffic again on the way home.

The pay is good, the benefits are good, but the task itself is a real groaner. Were it not for a constant supply of cannabis edibles in addition to CBD vape cartridges, who knows where I would be right now, but having a pot brownie for supper, with some CBD infused creamer in our coffee, entirely sets a nice tone for the coming day. I am also a voracious cannabis smoker, I can only do that in the days after I return home from work. I don’t even risk smoking out during the day, because I can’t risk smelling like marijuana smoke when I get to the office. Smoking is my preferred way of consuming cannabis, but while working I do what I must to keep myself sane. The CBD oil vape pens are nice, they take the edge off, but the edibles are much better at keeping our mood stabilized. The problem with me and edibles is that if I take one nibble too much I am on our way to a nap, so I have to take it simple. One pot brownie in the day, and a sensible CBD dinner, and I am usually good.


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