I wanted to learn from them

I really prefer growing cannabis as a hobby

I constantly tagged along with my father and my aunt whenever they were hanging out, tied up at job on our family property. As a kid I wanted to be just like them, more experience in everything from carpentry to motorcar repairs. It was just exciting enjoying them building furniture, fences, and patio decks. Although I wasn’t even old enough to use their power tools, I absorbed a lot of information and tips from them that eventually came in handy years later. Eventually my Mom started to show myself and others the right way how to use a hammer and nails to build a small pigeon feeder for my mom. After that whole project was successful, I built a small ramp for my BMX bike. It didn’t take long at all for myself and others to take an interest in working with my hands whenever I wasn’t currently in school or tied up doing homework in my room. Oddly enough, I also l gained how to grow great marijuana from my Mom and aunt. They were building a garden for my mom when I was super young and I was shown how to care for these “herbs” that turned out to be cannabis many years later when I was told the truth. I became so proficient at trimming the plants that it was my job when I started growing cannabis in my apartment when I was 24. I bought a small cannabis growing kit from the internet after getting seeds from a close friend. My yields these days are constantly high and the trichomes make my flower buds glisten in the light. I really prefer growing cannabis as a hobby. If prices don’t go down at dispensaries soon, I’ll exclusively smoke only marijuana that I have grown myself.

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