I was a winner all along!

She picked up the cellphone plus called the store manager

On 4/20 of this year, my closest friends plus I celebrated the cannabis holiday. Everyone that uses marijuana knows that every year 4/20 is a holiday for stoners. When you live in a state with recreational cannabis sales to boot, it is an even greater deal. All of the dispensaries have large sales plus tons of free giveaways… People wait in line forever so they can be the first person in the door. It’s kind of like going black Thursday shopping for much cooler adult stuff. My friends plus I went to 7 different cannabis dispensaries on 4/20. All of us filled out a lot of raffle tickets for prizes such as swag bags, tshirts, free weed, plus a 24” plant. It’s been about more than two weeks since the holiday, plus I completely forgot about all of the raffle tickets plus prizes. This day, I gained a cell phone call from the cannabis dispensary. The manager told myself and others that I actually was the winner of the raffle prize. I was totally shocked plus surprised plus I really thought she was joking for a minute. She told myself and others that I could come to the dispensary anytime to claim my grand prize. I only needed to supply the manager my last plus first name. I went and told her that I was there to pick up my raffle prize. She picked up the cellphone plus called the store manager. A moment later,the manager appeared with a large bag filled with free marijuana products. It had 6different kinds of edible treats, pre rolls, plus tons of disposable vape pens in 6 different flavor strains.



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