Making my own cannabis dishes as a chef

Trust me, when I graduated from culinary university, I did not expect to end up in a location like this, but I don’t view it as a bad thing, quite the opposite, and I have an opening here to do something unquestionably new, at least for this part of the state.

I have all the tools to succeed, and all the control to set the menu I want and make the dishes I want to make, so I have to think if I cook it, they will come.

At first no one will take me seriously, because I am the chef who works out of a cannabis dispensary, but over time I can change people’s minds. Cannabis cuisine has yet to break through into the mainstream, but as legalization continues it’s slow progress through the country, I guess the time is coming; When cannabis cooking becomes all the rage, I hope to be well established, and on the first wave of famous cannabis chefs. Don’t believe that I am saying I’m the first chef to focus on cannabis, of course I am not, it has been well practiced for decades. But I want to elevate cooking with marijuana to high cuisine, good dining, maybe even parlay it into a cooking show, then for now I have a kitchen in the back of the cannabis dispensary, and as I prepare to open they are constructing an outdoor eating area. I am now working with a couple of local marjuana growers to get some new, precious blends of floral-tasting cannabis to use in my dishes.