My girlfriend ran into the marijuana delivery guy

I think my girlfriend and I are done.

We have been dating for the last four months. A couple weeks ago, she found out that I smoke marijuana with my friends. She was very unhappy when she found out that I was a “pothead”. I tried to explain the medical benefits of using marijuana, but she didn’t want to hear anything that I had to say. I told my girlfriend that I only use marijuana once in a while, but she was still insanely mad. I told her that I would stop smoking marijuana when I was with my friends and she thought I was telling the truth. Last night I was hanging out with my friends and we were at my apartment watching a football game. My girlfriend was supposed to be with her friends as well. I don’t know why she decided to drop by my apartment unannounced, but she did. She said that she wanted to surprise me, but I honestly think that she was just checking up on me. None of my friends ordered marijuana supplies and the delivery guy was on his way. Of course he showed up at the exact same time as my girlfriend. Both of them were on the elevator and walked to my front door at the same time. When my girlfriend found out that I was having marijuana delivered to my apartment, she went absolutely crazy and berserk. She started yelling and screaming. I tried to explain, but she got back on the elevator and left the building. I’ve called her eleven times since last night and she still hasn’t returned my call or any of my 110 texts.



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