My parents were fine with tobacco not cannabis

I was raised in a unquestionably anti-drugs household, and my folks didn’t even stock many over the counter medicines, tending for more homeopathic remedies. and I never even took aspirin until I was a teenager, if that tells you anything, and that said, our parents both chain smoked all day, every day. They grew their own tobacco plants in the backyard and hand rolled cigarettes from afternoon till night! Since it was a plant, they didn’t consider tobacco to be a harmful drug. They were only against drugs made in laboratories, so they also had a small cluster of cannabis plants they tended. They made it known to us how society saw these several plants unquestionably differently and while smoking tobacco was fine, smoking cannabis was considered illegal and immoral. This did not make sense at the time and still doesn’t, but thankfully marijuana legalization has started becoming the law of the land, then when I turned 16 I was allowed to smoke marijuana for the first time, from a plant I grew myself. That was the rule, our folks said, if you want to reap the benefits of smoking tobacco or cannabis, you have to grow it, pick it, dry it and roll it up by yourself. Since I had never liked the stink of tobacco, I decided to try my hand at growing a few cannabis plants in the rear of the property, and performing the entire process by myself provided me a tremendous respect for the marijuana plant and I guess that’s the lesson they were trying to teach me.

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