The change is welcome

It has respectfully been three years since pot was legalized, plus I couldn’t be anymore content.

I remember when the very first legal marijuana store was opened, people threw a fit! As much as I would prefer to state those people are close minded plus ignorant, I am ashamed to say that my family is a piece of the group.

Occasionally I feel love I was born in the wrong family, because my family was in the group of protesters, protesting the new legal weed store, meanwhile, I walked myself right past them to care about some of the wonderful cannabis edibles; Certain strict members of my family have swore not to talk to myself and others until I repent to the lord plus come to my senses. I laughed my butt off hearing this, plus I am fantastic with them continually ignoring me. For the past year, I have mainly gotten the same thing, which is indica strains of marijuana from the store. I mainly use it for evening time insomnia. I have always had concerns with easily sleeping, plus nothing could make it go away except using marijuana, but something about regularly using marijuana just calms myself and others down enough where I can finally doze off. Anyways, you know the last time I went to my legal cannabis dispensary, I noticed they had a cannabis menu available which I was able to browse in peace. I noticed they had marijuana oils, which apparently have numerous health benefits, including reducing acne. I saw they were in stock in their online cannabis store, plus after that moment I just had marijuana delivery service.


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