The dude has to leave now

About multiple short weeks ago, a brand new medical marijuana dispensary opened up on the far south side of town.

Before the new medical marijuana dispensary opened, I was managing the distant north side shop.

When the supplier decided to open a new medical marijuana dispensary for everyone on the south side of town, they asked me to be the supervisor. I was entirely happy in that moment about the opportunity. I worked for the supplier for 8 weeks plus I was ecstatic right away for the choice to make more money. I have to drive a significant distance to go out and work every afternoon plus I spend more money on gas, but the raise money covers all of the added expenses. The medical marijuana dispensary already has been absolutely busy since we opened our doors in January. The whole parking lot is always filled with people plus cars. In fact, our parking lot has become a nasty hangout spot for homeless people. The dispensary is right across the street from a local shelter. Yesterday, the guy in the parking lot was bothering all of our customers. Every single time someone came out the front door, the guy was pounding them for money plus any free weed. After more than two customers called to complain, I finally went outside plus very politely asked the guy to leave our property. Thankfully, he did not put up a fight. I wouldn’t have known what to do if he wasn’t going to be reasonable. It’s just bad for our business.


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