The guy gave me a $100 bill for a dollar

I requested something smaller than a $100 bill and the guy became offended

Every once in a while, I have a customer that really gets under my skin. I absolutely love my job working as a delivery driver. I love driving around the valley in my car while listening to music in the cool air. Honestly, I can’t imagine any other job that I would love more than being a delivery driver. When I was younger, I worked for a pizza shop. I earned decent money, but I knew it wasn’t going to be a profitable future. Then I found a job delivering cannabis. The cannabis industry pays much more than any restaurant. Not only do I receive $4 an hour higher than minimum wage, but the tips are extremely good. Most customers tip at least five or $10 for every $100 worth of marijuana items. My average tip on a Saturday night is $13. I work 8 hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. During that time, I make enough money to pay my rent, car payment, gas, electric, and food bills. I only work 3 days a week and I still make plenty of money to pay my bills and have fun. Most of the time, delivering cannabis is the best job on the planet. Last night, I almost got into an altercation with a customer. I walked up to the door and I told the customer the total was $101. The guy gave me two $100 bills. It was my first delivery for the day and I did not have $99 in change. I requested something smaller than a $100 bill and the guy became offended. He started yelling and he was getting in my face. I decided to take the $100 so I could get out of there before things escalated.

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