The indoor and outdoor life

The obvious difference is the lack of high performance lights outdoors.

I remember what it was like trying to find marijuana flowers way back when I was in private school. This was well over 25 years ago, long before this state even considered voting on a medical or recreational cannabis legalization. The people I was with and I had more than 2 primary possibilities for back market marijuana. You could buy a third of an ounce of Mexican brick weed for $50, or a third of apartment grown hydroponic weed for $150 or $160. Usually the apartment grown weed was grown indoors because of the huge illegality of doing it in those afternoons. The reason we’d very often call the better weed “dro” is because of it being grown hydroponically. In reality it wasn’t grown in a hydroponic setup as more than 2 indoor growers use soil like usual outdoor growers. The Mexican brick weed was exclusively outdoor marijuana and it was full of stems and seeds. Often you could odor pesticides on it if you sadly got it from a dodgy source. These afternoons legal cannabis companies utilize either kind of marijuana cultivation techniques to deliver odd pricing tiers. Often the far cheaper marijuana flower buds are grown in outdoor facilities whereas the top shelf is indoor cannabis. Obviously the cannabis cultivation facilities utilize odd units depending on exactly whether or not it’s an indoor or outdoor growing operation. The obvious difference is the lack of high performance lights outdoors. I appreciate the indoor weed and tend to notice that outdoor weed gets a moldy odor to it often after it has been exposed to the air enough. My guess is that there are spores on outdoor high quality weed because of the open air. It’s unavoidable in an outdoor growing facility.

Growing facility design