The lounge is right across the street from work

Every day at lunch, my friends and I walk across the street and visit the marijuana dispensary.

The marijuana dispensary has the only sales and specials and they also have a lounge with seating areas and AC.

My friends and I have been working on a construction project for the past six weeks. It’s very hot and humid outside, so any break from the outdoor air is a huge relief. We get an hour for lunch. A few days after the project began, one of my co-workers realized that there was a dispensary with a lounge on the other side of the street. It was a short time minute walk, so we decided to walk there one afternoon. The marijuana dispensary had a special that day and we got a free pre-roll with any order. My co-workers and I decided to buy a marijuana pre-rolled cigarettes and we got another one absolutely for free. The budtender invited us to smoke the pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes in the dispensary lounge. We walked into the other side of the building and the whole room was very cold and comfortable. We certainly didn’t want to go back out into the heat if we didn’t need to. We sat down on the couch and smoked our pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. The job boss for this construction project knows that my co-workers and I go to the marijuana dispensary every day at lunch. He is sitting in his truck when we come back across the street. So far, he hasn’t said anything about our daily lunch activities.


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