The sativa strain I need

Blue Dream is a single of my absolute number one variety of marijuana strains.

It has a nice flavor plus a long-lasting high.

Blue Dream is a wonderful sativa strain plus it is especially helpful while in the day, because it is uplifting plus ultra energizing. I love to use Blue dream in the day before work. It calms my nerves very nicely plus gets myself and others ready for the day. I ordered a half ounce of yellow dream Last month from a local cannabis shop. I decided to pick up my order from the shop after my daily work, instead of waiting until later that day for delivery. I walked into the cannabis shop plus I quickly provided the lady at the counter my name plus my driver’s license. I waited in the store lobby for 10 or 15 minutes plus then the budtender opened the back door plus I was slowly ushered into the retail section of the store. Since I sited my order online earlier that same day, everything was ready. The budtender took the items out of the bag. The wonderful half ounce of marijuana was not Blue dream. It was a sativa hybrid called Mimosa OG. This single sativa hybrid is a great strain, however it is not Blue dream plus that is what I ordered. Before I even could complain about the strain selection, the budtender informed myself that they were completely out of the dream strain. II was going to take the Mimosa OG, although I decided to wait for another single day when they had my number one marijuana strain in stock.
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